Office Map

Office Map helps your colleagues find each other in large offices.It might be hard to navigate in huge corporate offices, especially for company newcomers. Save time and reduce frustration of your colleagues by deploying the Office Map.

The Office Map lets people see their office’s floor plans and find people they need to find without asking around.

In addition, Office Map allows integrating the map with any HR system (by providing personal link and possibility to add map to an employee's profile using iframe). Check out the sample profile page with an employee's general information. You may add the office position as an additional field with a link that would open the embedded form of the office map.

The Office Map is available as a web and an iOS application. It may be deployed in the cloud or on premises. It may be integrated with Active Directory. Custom integration with other corporate systems is available for additional cost.

Demo: Take a look at the Office Map demo here. Use the following credentials to login:
User: demo
Password: officemap

Management Panel demo is available upon request.

Contact us ( for the pricing information.

If you include the following information in your request, it will help us to effectively process your request:
  1. Are you interested in just the web app or web and mobile apps?
  2. Do you need a cloud (such as Azure) or on-premise deployment?
  3. Do you have a scheme of your office drawn in any format?
  4. How many office floors and employees (approx.) are you going to use in the app?
  5. The Office Map can pull the employee data from an external source, such as SharePoint, SQL database, or Active Directory database. Where is the employee data stored in your system?

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